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Alien vs Predator

I've been invited by friends to view an advance copy of the movie Alien vs Predator, as downloaded from the Internet, but I declined because the movie didn't inspire me much: If I am to guess from the title of this movie, it tells the story of a foreign invader fighting some country's domestic tyrant. Sigh. Yet another movie about Bush's war in Iraq.

Problem is, the aliens come in many kinds; they include a lot of small nasty things that hide among (or inside!) otherwise sane people and await the right moment to do their deadly deed. And if you don't get rid of these fast, they grow into full-fledged aliens and start reproducing on a large scale. When the aliens eventually become strong enough, they install themselves as a new species of predators, though not until after having spread death and destruction all around them. Rumor has it this has happened many times in the past.

Predators are interesting in that unlike aliens, they usually display some kind of respect for the game they hunt -- though not enough respect to let them live, obviously. Thus, they can be as ruthless as aliens toward their victims, but they are often more civilized both in the pervert way they victimize and in the cunning way they refrain from victimizing. Wise predators ensure that the game can reproduce, possibly under control, so as to sustainably provide for ever more fun targets, meat, leather, and trophies. Now, not all predators are wise, and even those that are wiser than the others don't fully reckon the concept of property rights; for if they did fully reckon that concept, they wouldn't be predators, would they? Hence, some predators do overexploit their game resource, and then the poor victims suffer cruelly, and dwindle; in the end, the predators themselves may possibly come to starve.

Actually it's precisely the wars between various kinds of aliens and predators that produce predators that display more respect for their game: those predators that show less respect for the exploited resources don't manage these resources well, they grow weak, and eventually end up being beaten by an alien that has grown stronger because as a predator, it is more respectful of the resources it exploits.

Natural outcome of the war should be the victory of the wiser predator, yet, I still hope that the story ends in the only possible happy ending: an ending where these foes of all kinds are ultimately gotten rid of by the victims. Unhappily, movies of this kind usually include a twist at the end, and the expectable twist will be that the victims haven't been actually freeed from predation but instead that a new, stronger, kind of predator has emerged from the defeat of both earlier rivals, that feeds upon the very same victims.

To quote another movie, the revolution is what had to change so that everything should stay the same.

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