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Questions to Libertarian Party Candidate Badnarik

I posted the following questions on the forum of supporters of Michael Badnarik, not because I expected a clear answer to which I could agree, but more as a way to express my own view of what it would take to be a real libertarian candidate, and why the LP falls short and condemns itself to have an untenable stand that makes it both unelectable because too radical for most people yet non didactic enough because its positions lack principle, consistency, and applicability.

  • Will you leave NATO and similar treaties, privatize the army and various "security" administrations, let US citizens who so desire fund military presence in any foreign country they like to fight dictators and other criminals, considering that these military will have no privilege, immunity or otherwise exemption from prosecution and reparations for any collateral damage and innocent casualties they would cause?
  • Will you leave the WTO, and similar organization, and instead install a unilateral regime of free trade with the rest of the world?
  • Will you leave the WIPO, abolish state privileges of intellectual property, and return the matter to contracts and common law?
  • Will you leave the IMF and stop defending the principle of collective "state" debt whereby born and unborn citizens are bound by the word of whichever dictator, bureaucrat, demagogue of other ruler that borrows in their name?
  • will you leave the UNO, and revoke the diplomatic privileges of all the dictators, bureaucrats, demagogues and their lackeys and courtiers who "work" there?
  • Will you leave the IOC, and revoke state regulations of how people may or may not practice sport, leaving any matter of competition rules to private contracts between organizers, participants and spectators?
  • Will you abolish social security and all other such schemes, and instead advertise the fact that people may subscribe to private organizations so as to either help themselves or help the poor?
  • Will you abolish any privilege and monopoly and compulsory power that trade unions, business corporations, national organizations, etc., public or private, may have?
  • Will you fully privatize education, returning it to a voluntary basis?
  • Will you end compulsory funding of research institutions such as NASA and so many university programs, and return research to the voluntary funding of whoever cares enough to check the results of whomever he funds?
  • Will you privatize law enforcement, and repel privileges, immunities and exemptions that law-enforcement officers may have regarding their respect for other citizens' rights?
  • Will you make judges individually responsible and liable for their mistakes?
  • Will you make civil servants individually responsible and liable for their activity as government officials?
  • Will you promote an expiry date on every past law?
  • Will you require that any new law include a rationale, an expiry date, and independently verifiable criteria to assess whether the law was successful before it may be prolonged beyond the expiry date?
  • Will you make congressmen individually responsible and liable for their activity as lawmakers?
  • Will you institute an expiration date to all government activities?
  • Will you promote constitutional amendments to proclaim all the above as fundamental limitations on what governments may do?
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