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Proverb of the day

Flow with the Tao, and the Tao will flow with you.

In other words, be excellent, and success will come naturally. Or, in a less optimistic and more stoic point of view, do your best, it's the best you can do. Sure, success is relative, and depends on things out of your control; but in as much as these things are out of your control, you precisely shouldn't care the least about them; for if you can do something, however remote, to influence them, then they are not out of your control, but part of the things you must take into account while determining your best you can do.

Sigh. Why try to explain the tao with many words? The mistakes come from the interpretation. Learning the tao is actually unlearning the bad interpretations. Actually, maybe all learning is based on unlearning the bad stuff; through some kind of natural selection -- the idea-generator vs crap-detector pair. That's the way a child learns to walk: he unlearns to stumble. That's the way you learn Karate: you unlearn the bad moving habits. Learning is a bit like the joker's sculpting of an elephant, really: use your chipping tool against the big block of marble, and remove everything that ain't an elephant. Or it's like St Exupery's quest for perfection.

And I could add other hackneyed sentences like the fact that you never stop learning and therefore never reach the tao, or the story that when I was young, I felt there was something to the tao, but all these hackneyed sayings seemed non-sensical until I reached illumination, and now they both make sense and yet seem fallacious at the same time. Problem is, the meaning is not in the mere words, but in the state of mind, nay, the dynamics of mind, with which you understand the dynamics of the tao; static understanding is an illusion, and the quest for it is wasted time. My, my, this is trite saying day; is there any bromide I have forgotten to include?

I originally intended to make this post very short. Just the sentence. Then I felt I wouldn't be understood, and made it two. Then a longer explanation. Then a full-fledge post with semi-private jokes and self-reference. Like Koans, that grow denser and not more meaningful with lots of commentaries and commentaries of commentaries. Am I growing from my merely rationalistic past? Or just losing my mind? Anyway, The point is. Darn, what was the point? Well, just something I wanted to reply as answer 7 to the GLAT.

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