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Neither "Yes" Nor "No", But "Mu".

No, I am not a devil-worshipper, a proponent of capitalist exploitation, an opponent of the glorious democracy, an enemy of the State, a traitor to the Nation, or any such thing. Indeed, the devil doesn't exist, and neither do capitalist exploitation, the glorious democracy, the State or the Nation — they are delusions. I am not taking a stance opposite to yours, I am rejecting your premises. I am not immoral, I challenge your notion of morality. I am not your enemy — I am your doctor. In as much as I care for the categories against which you're trying to classify me, I am here to cure you from believing in their relevance. The treatment may hurt, but if anything is being fought, it isn't you, but parasites that feed upon you. I am not going against you, I am going against some nefarious memes that use you for transportation, but that are not you: they hurt you and you don't need them.

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