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Economic Reasoning vs Accounting Fallacies

I am relieved to announce the release of Economic Reasoning vs Accounting Fallacies -- The Case of "Public" Research. This is the translation to English of my 2003 article Raisonnement économique contre sophismes comptables -- Le cas de la recherche « publique ». Many thanks to Bruno and Johan for their help in translating. Please feel free to comment on the expression as well as on the ideas.

My, it's truly hard and time-consuming to translate a text. Even one of your own texts where you know perfectly what the author means, and can cheat by adjusting the original (I did fix the French version here and there, and added footnotes). How much more difficult must the translation of texts by other authors be, especially when the text has a literary value that must be replicated! If poetry is writing under constraints, then translation is the ultimate form of poetry.

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