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CTO, reloaded

Now is a good time to announce that the software behind Cliki.Tunes.Org, aka CTO, has been noticeably improved.

CTO is based on the latest CVS releases of CLiki and Araneida by Dan Barlow. Improvements in decreasing order of importance, as compared to the CLiki from CVS (post 0.4.3):

  1. indexing of backlinks and topic contents now works correctly (hasn't worked for a long time, if it ever worked correctly)
  2. _(label|link) and _(label|http://url) style of links, (it's now well supported including for indexing of backlinks)
  3. the interface makes it easy to view source for older revisions (it's easy to recover old information and salvage vandalized or broken documents)
  4. better consistency checking at initialization time (only for administrators who edit titles files or have truly old clikis)
  5. bug fixes, cleanups and packaging, so you can embrace and extend CTO (instead of a klugy fork from old versions of araneida and cliki)

CTO being based on a recent CLiki, it now has the versioning feature that the old CLiki (and CTO) lacked. That was the main reason to upgrade CTO, since it makes it much easier to deal with defacement, wiki wars, errors or just plain mistakes.

On the other hand, there seem to still be some server instabilities in Araneida+CLiki when confronting failures in the HTTP transactions. My solution was to move CTO behind an apache reverse proxy, just like Dan does, which means that we can hopefully experience more stability without having to fix deeper bugs in araneida or cliki that are beyond the horizon of the maintainer. All explanations are given in file 01INSTALL; dig into CVS for the old setup if needed.

Thanks a lot to Dan Barlow for the original CLiki, to Brian Rice for the original CTO, to other CTO users (most notably Massimo Dentico and Pietro Braione) for making it worthwhile, and to David Manifold for the resources and splendid administration.

Look for cto in the Tunes CVS area (see instructions).

Tags: code, collaboration, en, hacker, lisp, smop, tao of programming, tunes
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