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Do you want to be eaten first or last?

The day when Cthulhu rises from the dead (and gets elected president), those cultists who supported His cause by proper human sacrifices will get to be eaten first, and be spared the maddening horrors that will be unleashed upon this Earth -- though maybe I got it reversed, and they will be eaten last, so they can enjoy the blood, the screams, the guts and limbs all over the floor, and the wreakage of all civilization in an explosion of pure madness and sheer bestiality.

In the meantime, the japanese are eating a lot of Cthulhu's spawns, those white tentacle-faced little sea things with wings in the back. So it's clear that Japan will be where Cthulhu will turn his most gruesome attention when he awakes. And that must be why the japanese have so many kick-ass muscled armored robotic heroes resisting invasions from outer space, all the while learning to enjoy tentacle sex.

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