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The Night of April 21, in 21 Haikus

Yes, it's very personal, but in case you didn't notice yet, I'm an exhibitionist indeed. L: non, je ne suis pas sage. But naughty as I may be, at least I don't waste my soul and money in hostess bars.

Streets are getting late
The action happens indoors
Alone, nowhere

Walking past hot streets
Got the best hat in Kyoto
And no one to see

The address, nothing
Foreign girl - I ask my way
was just here below

Club Metro yet full
Here everyone speaks english
Hatted cockiness

Westerners - plenty
But why go so far find them?
In shadows, you move

Yuko, twenty-three
Alone, sway gentle, sip gin
And you like my hat

Talk Shy, Dance Sensual
Mind resisting, heart melting
Flower to be plucked

Leading you aside
Short pants make me look younger
The charm operates

Trying to kiss you - No
But back to the dancing floor
One in rhythm, we merge

Shyness, japanese
I teach you learn kissing, french
Your embrace so sweet

Kiss - your first teacher
My first pupil - both succeed
So much tenderness

Cinderella goes
Morrow both will start early
So many kisses

You won't yield the rest
Clinging to your bicycle
My failure -- too late

Me: "regret - never"
Miyamoto Musashi
Best bad boy you'll meet

How many kisses?
Reply: How many is that?
Lips fused forever

Romancing the night
Singing by your bicycle
Walking you home, far

Work will soon commence
Night too short for a one stand
Plucking deserves more

Big crossing past home
Me stalking your returning
Ride away from me

History major
In search for a truer love
Never know my age

We left no address
But both will have a place now
In each other's heart

Nowhere, alone
Lips tense from many a kiss
The morning taxi

Tags: en, evopsy, haiku, japan, love, memories, poetry, rafc, travel

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