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Religious Monuments Explained

This big statue is an idol dedicated to superstition. This primitive piece of art symbolizes primitive proto-thinking. This altar was erected in homage to gullibility. These golden jewels are an offering to clerical rapacity. These prayers are a testimony to the brazenness of intellectual frauds. This temple is a memorial to the subjection of the producers to the predators. Its being the finest craftwork that remains from these times is a tribute to the total domination of workers by parasites. These rites are a deathing tradition of mindless subservience being kept undead. This whole religion is a monument to human stupidity — or worse even: to renunciation of humanity and embrace of subhuman lack of rationality.

PS: Sometimes, it's better not to visit monuments of the past while reading Ayn Rand's The Missing Link. And don't get me started on military castles and governmental palaces. These remnants of the past are here to remind us how much progress the human species has achieved since those barbarian times — and how far it still has to go.

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