François-René Rideau (fare) wrote,
François-René Rideau

Racists and racistists

Racists discriminate other people depending on their race, -- usually preferring their own. Racistists discriminate other people depending on their racism, -- usually preferring their own. What do you have against racists? Are you racistist?

Note that so as to be able to tag the preferences of someone as racist, you need to define races -- so that racistists are themselves racists. But we already knew that they hated themselves -- only people with no respect for their own mind can support such a stupid self-contradictory concept.

Yes, it is racist to prefer Asian girls, white girls, black boys, or martian zblots (see your course in martian sexuality), and no, there is nothing wrong about it. Racism is good. Racistism is evil. Actually, what makes state racism particularly wrong amongst all kinds state interventions is not that it is racist, but that it is racistist against kinds of racisms different from the state-imposed racism. It is using evil means (the state) used toward an evil end (racistism).

If someone tells you that genetic differences do not matter, propose that he should mate with a cockroach, or with a chimp, with a mongoloid idiot, with someone with an advanced degenerative genetic disease, or just with someone who has hereditary traits they just don't like. Of course genetic differences matter. Now, if someone wants to argue that skin color and hair color are not the most interesting hereditary traits -- well, of course, they are not. Indeed, the first and foremost hereditary trait most people, including I, look for in a mate is the proper gender. But then again, to each his own tastes.

Now, which genetic differences matter most and justify what decisions, and how to discover that is quite a different question from the relevance of the criterion. Libertarians will argue that in genetic matters as in any other matters, letting individuals choose within the respect of property rights is the best way to see things evolve toward a better future. Authoritarians will argue that in genetic matters as in any other matters, a superior authority should impose its moral order upon individuals, least chaos is to wreak the world to pieces.

Tags: en, libertarian, racism, statism
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