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Fallacy of the Day: Dynamic Contradiction

I'll start exercising as soon as I'm in shape.

One of the most frequent fallacies amongst statists as well as other neurotic people is the fallacy of dynamic contradiction: a kind of flawed reasoning that leads to self-defeating behaviour (or lack of behaviour), the consequences of which is the worsening of the problem that it was meant to solve or avoid.

Statists will for instance claim that people shouldn't be let free from government administration on a particular domain unless and until they behave in a responsible way in said domain. However, administration is precisely what makes it counter-productive for most individuals to think about the best choice of behaviour in considered domain, since the choice is not up to the individual, anyway! Why waste time fantasizing about things upon which you have no hold, when you can instead focus your mind on other things you can actually do to improve your life?

This is a consequence of statists not understand dynamics: they think in static symmetrical association-dissociation patterns that are oblivious of dynamic causation. For instant, in his Capital, Marx takes for granted something like the local equilibrium of prices with both subjective value for demanders and costs for suppliers, and then goes on to criticize the need for a free market; but it is only the free market that dynamically adjusts relative prices with both value and costs. A lot of statist pseudo-economists similarly assume as inputs to their models hypothetical laws that are really outputs of a free market, and then go on to predict a government policy meant as substitute for the individual decisions that verily constitute the free market.

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