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Capitalist Brussels

This week-end, I was in Brussels for the Capitalist Ball organized by the CNE. I met a lot of libertarian people from all over Europe and other continents, including many friends with whom I usually communicate but through the internet. There were beautiful women in splendid dresses. The music was just my kind of music, swinging and lively, mostly 1950s (but they could have picked more recorded songs, so as not to re-run the same ones several times during the dinner). Anthony de Jasay received one of the three awards during the dessert. Great dessert: I never thought crème brûlée could be that good. The amplifiers were set a bit too loud at times, but the band had us dance and swing the way I like. Having fun with a lot of like-minded people makes you feel just great. I met people with whom I greatly enjoy disagreeing. And I learnt a small trick of magic. Such a lovely evening it was, and I haven't started telling about my dancing partner yet. To boot, Hubert and Rita picked me as a speaker for the next Libertarian International conference in Leiden in April. Thank you a lot, Cécile for inviting me.

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