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The Stars are Right!

Who needs Google anymore? Here comes Cthuugle! Now where is the I'm feeling doomed button?

Also see the Tales from the Plush Cthulhu, or read I, Cthulhu by Neil Gaiman. All links courtesy of the Cthulhu community on orkut.

Now, this reminds me of a funny USENET .signature:

(define (cthulhu_fhthagn)          ;   Iver Odin Kvello, iverk@...
   (call/cthulhu  (lambda (destroy) ;   Lambda, the Ultimate Horror
      (if (stars-are-right? (now)) (destroy 'everything) (cthulhu_fhtagn)))))

Update: for your favorite perversions, check out Cthulhu Sex - even horrors from outer space have fun and reproduce.

Tags: cthulhu, en, links, sex, silly
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