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Our Ultimate Weapon: Laughter

Eric S. Raymond tells in his blog the proper answer to the stupid crazy superstitious propaganda of after-life catastrophists who prey upon people's fear to demand obedience to their oppressive schemes least something really bad will happen to you: laugh them away. Humor and ridicule are the only proper answer to such stupidity. Well, they are also the appropriate answer to the fear-mongering statists who demand that the world should be subject to their schemes least a great catastrophe will happen.

The libertarian revolution will be won, not when the last robber is hanged with the bowels of the last fraudster, but when the ever recurrent wannabee robbers and fraudsters are met with the good-hearted laughter of men who know they are well-armed to resist both physically and intellectually.

We shall begin by laughing at all the little Picrocholes of the world; and when they are universally seen as ridicule, it will be no more difficult to gather forces to utterly defeat them the day they dare engage in decidedly unfunny activities. And in the meantime, humor makes us free from fear, so we can build freedom in our own present life.

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