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Accelerate your blogging

Checking who was linking to my site, I discovered, one of many news feed aggregators with which you can read all your favorite blogs and news sources in real time from anywhere.

bloglines understands all the many variants of RSS including ATOM. I now use it for gathering information, and you can see which feeds I am subscribed to on my public page.

I can but encourage all the fine people who have a blog to update their blog software if needed and enable the feed feature, be it labelled as RDF, RSS, XML, ATOM or whatever, and to advertise the feature on their site. As for my blog, the URL for its feed is

Other examples of good stuff enabled by this technology is sites like feedster to aggregate the result of searches through blogs, or thematic sites like Planet Lisp, or over-informed personal blogs like the one by Jay McCarthy.

Particular greetings to Jay who is reading me, and who sometimes translates snippets from my blog from French to English. He often makes a few mistakes over the side-remarks that are ever present in my style of writing, but he usually gets the main meaning correctly. I bet this means I should use less parentheses, less subordinate propositions, less accumulation of sub-topics within my sentences, generally shorter sentences, etc. Hey, I could write in a more precise and concise manner, but it would take more time.

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