April 25th, 2015

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Randroid detection

How to recognize randroids with no intellectual integrity: at some point, they repeat the talking point that Atlas Shrugged is "the second most influential book of all time after the Bible" — which when you dig is based on the single data point of one dubious poll by the Library of Congress decades ago in which randroids somehow self-selected as a plurality of minority responders (and sometimes a second self-selected poll from a random internet site). But guess what, more people in the USA actually claim to follow the Book of Mormon or the Quran than have ever read Atlas Shrugged, much less agreed with its philosophy. And these Mormons and Muslims actually put their money where their mouth is and pay weekly or yearly dues, whereas the "sales" figures for Atlas Shrugged are copiously inflated by a large number of copies bought by the Ayn Rand Institute itself, that end up given away and likely never read. If we are to count artificial "sales" like that, Dianetics ranks higher. Then again, outside the USA, the numbers are even less flattering for the randroids. So much for "second most influential book" bullshit.

Randroids ought to be ashamed to repeat such obvious lies that do not for a single moment impress a single listener. Miss Rand would certainly be ashamed of them: SHE had more intellectual integrity than to believe and repeat baseless propaganda — she even ran away from her country of birth so as not to have to repeat such. And she would never be caught alive resorting to Argumentum ad Populum.

Fuck randroids. They are just as despicable as antirandroids who repeat stupid talking points condemning Rand based on the opposite of what she said, wrote and stood for.