December 4th, 2014

eyes black and white

Name the country...

Acquaintances spread suggestive pictures with the question: "Name the country built on the genocide of one race and the enslavement of another". Why? But each and every single fucking one of them! Name one that isn't, I double dare you. (Granted, maybe Iceland and Färoë never saw genocide, only enslavement — how many other such countries can you count?) Don't you think your despicable country is special for that, you disgusting nationalistic bigot. Now stop blaming people you're jealous of for the sins of the ancestors of other people who happen to have the same skin color as they do, you racist prick. So, "your" ancestors, based on your racist skin color equation, have been slaves for hundreds of years? My, how lucky of them! Mine, like those of most of humanity, have been slaves for thousands of years. And yes, through forced or forcefully incentivized unions, I have my share of the masters' blood. And so have you. So step off your high heels, forsake your disgraceful philosophy of hate and envy, and instead of playing this game of collectivist blaming of innocent people for other people's sins, start embracing love, reason, and individual responsibility. To paraphrase Ennio Flaiano (substituting the R- word for the F- word), "Racists divide in two categories: the racists and the anti-racists".