December 9th, 2013

eyes black and white

The Leap of Faith

In that dream yesterday, some secret society had discovered the secret to immortality: walk to the end of the corridor, make the leap of faith into that super deep pit lined with stone walls, and when you hit the bottom, be resurrected twenty years later in a young body in the secret temple of the society.

As I was jumping together with the love of my life, I got wondering, as I often do: hey, how can they possibly KNOW that this thing works? I mean, obviously, no human has this power, so it wasn't human design; so at best it must have been discovered — but it obviously can't have been discovered for the first 20 years. At the same time, after it has been discovered, there should be plenty of evidence, by which I mean not just young-looking people claiming to have been resurrected, but also old people who didn't jump, and can positively identify the former based on common memories and details that can't all be extracted via an interview or research then learned by an actor.

Then it hit me. The wall on the other side of the pit, I mean. Whatever your initial horizontal speed, it will be enough to reach the other side, in a deep enough pit. And then when you hit, you'll be going at a high vertical speed. That must hurt. And as you bounce back, that is going to happen many times. Ouch. By the time you reach the bottom, you're going to be dead already. Unless the bottom can also resurrect and rejuvenate already-dead bodies that land there, this whole thing is a scam. So maybe the paperwork conducted beforehand, conspicuously so the temple could take care of my assets for me while I was away being rejuvenated was but a clever ploy to steal all my stuff while I was tricked into committing suicide.

Sometimes I have interesting dream. Well before the end, I had stopped identifying with the victim, and was a spectator of a detective movie. But then, I was wondering: what other scams are there around, where some rich gurus lead other people into crazy beliefs ending in self-destructive behavior, so they can profit from the craze?