November 19th, 2012

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Why you should NOT care about Israel and Palestine

Personally, I don't care much about either Israel or Palestine as such. And frankly, unless you've got direct family ties to Israel or Palestine, neither should you. It's a minor conflict between two small people who are relatively privileged, in a region where much more serious things happen at a grander scale: compare to the massive civil war in Syria, and be worried about the progress of radical islamists in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, etc. It should be a tiny blip on anyone's radar, if at all, and people for whom that's not the case are visibly deranged.

Yet we're witnessing large-scale derangement around these events, and that itself is much more of a source of concern than the events. This derangement bodes a lot of bloodletting to come, and the little we can do online is to fight this derangement — for don't delude yourself into believing you can do anything about this conflict itself by protesting or cheering online. I don't care about Israel or its enemies (so far as I can tell, Israel and its enemies already take good care of themselves), and have little sympathy for States and military organizations in general. But I do care about this general world-wide derangement, and I'm sad whenever I see friends become victims of the syndrome one way or the other.

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Please stop caring. Morally, indifference is vastly superior to selective indignation that you get manipulated into. And it's also vastly healthier than letting yourself manipulated: every time you're caring for something you shouldn't care about, you're not caring about something you should.