March 27th, 2012

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How (not) to (re)view Atlas Shrugged, The Movie

A friend and colleague of mine inquires as to my reactions to David Brin's review of Atlas Shrugged, the movie. Unhappily, Brin's criticism of Ayn Rand is totally off-mark, and tells much more about Brin than about Rand. But if the misconceptions Brin authoritatively and dishonestly spews as facts are shared in any way, my here response will perhaps help dispel them in some of my readers.

I'll address first the most important point of Brin's essay, that he brings up "last but not least" in his hard to read screed, and to which my friend attracts my attention: “Elsewhere, I've revealed the biggest and most telling red flag about Ayn Rand — one that I've not seen mentioned elsewhere. It is that none of her über role-model characters, at any level or in any way, ever indulge in the most basic human project — bearing and raising and loving and teaching children.”

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