November 13th, 2011

eyes black and white

I Like to Bike to the Moon

That tenth day of May 2009 (thank my archived PAA for propping me where my memory falters), I took Lucía on one of her dear (un)expected "surprise adventure days", biking with her to a surprise destination which happened to be the Arnold Arboretum's Lilac Sunday, a prototypical Stuff White People Like activity, that though it was free was attended by strictly none of the inhabitants of the nearby ghettos. It was a beautiful day indeed; we stopped for food in a dominican restaurant along the way, and choked on a Mofongo while Alex Bueno was singing Me va. On my way there, I spontaneously composed one song, and composed another song on my way back. Here is the first of the two songs, I like to bike to the Moon, with a few small improvements since the original version. I have only recently found a proper activity to pursue on the sea of Tranquility, with my inspiration rekindled by Becka. Interestingly, Lucía didn't like it then, for the same reason that Becka likes it now: because of its not-so-hidden sexual interpretation.

Here it is, now transcribed using Lilypond (source, PDF).

And to give you an idea, here is a recording of me singing it a cappella: I Like to Bike to the Moon, take 2 (in Ogg Vorbis).

Yet another song that I'd like to record, with the proper band of merry musicians...