June 29th, 2011

eyes black and white

Chord-jumping Ponies!

At PorcFest 2011, people offered to accompany me on the guitar as I sang the "And a Pony" song. As a benefit, here is the score with chords.

You may download and print the PDF or get the Lilypond source. You can listen to a generated MIDI file, or you can go get the previously recorded MP3 (a cappella). Next I want someone to record it with me. And a Pony!

PS: wish granted. Here's a video from PorcFest 2011. We'll do even better next year.

NB: en Français, "Et un Poulain" se chante la4 sol4 mi4 sol4 au lieu de la4 sol4 la4 sol4: PDF, Lilypond, MIDI.