December 23rd, 2009

eyes black and white

La Muse, or left puritanism

Left and Right isn't just the arbitrary polarization of a particular country's politics. It runs deeper, and there are such a things as "left" and "right" mindsets.

The comic book La Muse offers us a very nice illustration of the rapture of the left. The heroin has god-like omnipotence, and the whims she turns to reality are extraordinarily revealing of what "liberals" fantasize: from annihilating right-wing baddies (who seem to be orchestrating all violence throughout the planet) to curing people's body and mind through casual sex, from solving war and feeding the hungry to saving the planet's environment and making everyone go green. The books' fantasies culminates with the implicit promise of eventually making every human a god, with the twist that godly powers on a cosmic scale are mixed with militant atheism (as well as pro-homosexual propaganda and multiculturalism).

Now, if there are no constraints of nature, if scarcity doesn't exist anymore, if danger and death can be averted at whim, then why in heaven should we eat organic, cultivate healthy habits, refrain from polluting, think in the way the lefties cherish, drive electric, etc.? When all wishes are fulfilled for free, why sacrifice to an old painful way of achieving goals? Or why bother about old goals at all? The answer is that in the depraved minds of our leftist authors, sacrifice itself, disconnected from any structure of causes and consequences, is what is being desired and fantasized about. Indeed, whereas La Muse can make smoking safe for herself, it wouldn't occur to her to make smoking and other disapproved behaviors safe for everyone else, too; no, she has to make everyone forfeit the upsides of behavior she perceives as vicious, in favor of austerity; all the while violently promoting behavior she perceives as virtuous in blissful ignorance of any downsides others may identify about them (such as casual sex, cultural relativism, etc.). We see a lot of that aristocrat enjoying the fake pretension of being a commoner, and very little of actual power being relinquished or shared.

The left wants to control your behavior just as much as the right does; and just as with the right, your behavior is controlled here in the name of your own personal salute, using selfishness as a bait, there in the name of some greater good that is far beyond you, ultimately vowing you to be sacrificed to the desires of the controller. The left will differ from the right only in that it wants to replace old gods and old hierarchies with new gods and new hierarchies, attracting a new generation of power hungry bastards who want to become the prophets and priests of the new order. The old idol may have been dethroned, its name, "god", trampled upon, and its worshippers ridiculed; the "black magic" superstition is still there hiding in plain sight under new names. And so far, the left has been successful. Think of it: about each and every successive change of power is the then right getting taken over by the then left. And the oppression of our rulers hasn't decreased one bit in the process.

So what would I do if granted unlimited magic powers? You already know my answer to this challenge. It isn't replacing one puritanism with another.