December 6th, 2009

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See how far you score in this test.

  1. I feel outrage when I am myself victim of theft or aggression, or other interference with my voluntary transactions.
  2. I am concerned when I witness the theft or aggression of another person.
  3. I recognize that other people have the right to indulge in any voluntary transactions, even though I may despise them, for it's none of my business.
  4. I protest against third parties that prevent other individuals from completing voluntary transactions.
  5. I believe that government and collective entities are overreaching when they interfere in the life of individuals and their voluntary transactions.
  6. I think there are fixed limits to government powers and inalienable individual rights.
  7. I surmise that the domain of legitimate government action is very limited and that current governments are largely exceeding their prerogatives and doing more harm than good.
  8. I reckon that theft is no less theft when it is done legally by government and that intervention against voluntary transactions is no less illegitimate when done in the name of the people.
  9. I take stock that there is no such thing as an external force above and beyond society, only forces internal to society, subject to the same universal dynamics of the incentives of responsible or irresponsible individual decision-makers.
  10. I can make a conceptual distinction between governments as organizations of public force and government as monopolies of public force, and I understand in this as in any matter, monopolies establish the power of parasites without scruples upon honest people.
  11. I realize that only individuals may possess rights, that one can only delegate or cede rights one possesses and is free to keep and exercise himself, that "communities" are fictitious entities, and that claims to represent "Government", "Nation" or "God" are bogus scams to dispossess individuals from their rights.

Inspired by this previous post, as the project of a crafted paper device to be exchanged at the Very Merry UnBirthday Gift Swap organized by the Banditos Misteriosos.