October 8th, 2009

eyes black and white

One's Own Man

A few months ago, my friend and former colleague Marco Baringer made a presentation of a photo reportage he did in a village lost in the middle of nowhere in Malawi.

People were literally dirt poor. Living a primitive agricultural life with little access to modernity, education or medical care, the same tasteless food everyday, a short life expectancy, high incidence of AIDS, corrupt government and inefficient bureaucracy, etc. A wretched life.

Yet, asked if people were happy, Marco said that yes, despite their miserable life conditions, and their being conscious how fickle their lives were and how much richer the rest of the world was, the Malawi inhabitants displayed genuine smiles and radiated happiness. And the embodiment of that happiness was his host, who proudly claimed to him that the food he was serving, he cropped himself on his own land, and the shack in which he was hosting was his own house he built himself.

Happiness and pride in being one's own man, no matter how small. What a lesson, that the restless hapless destitutes subsidized into zombiedom by our Welfare States will never learn!

The worst ignominy of socialists is possibly neither in the plunder of the productive they enslave, nor in the aristocratic morgue with which they impose their reign of good-thinking evil, but in the total ruination of the lives of the unproductive they claim to help.