September 22nd, 2008

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The Arithmetics of Anthropophagy

Collapse )

When people in the average bring more to civilization than they take away, there cannot be problem with overpopulation, or with funding education and retirement — people are indeed an asset. When people are all in all more consumptive than productive, then they are a liability indeed, surviving by spending away the capital accumulated by better men; their society is going down the drain and none of the proposed statist remedies can help, whether fostering reproduction or non-reproduction, immigration or emigration, early retirement or euthanasia. Actually, State intervention is usually the one cause that puts society on such a bad slope. And when society collapses, anthropophagy is a poor way to slow down this collapse if it does at all; actually, inasmuch as it would imply murder and/or deception (which as Heinlein noted it needn't necessarily, but which it does in the greenieleftie boogeymen) anthropophagy is rather a sign of the collapse accelerating than slowing down. As Julian Simon wrote, The Ultimate Resource is the creativity of free humans. And the Ultimate Waste is precisely the destruction of this freedom and creativity by ecologists and other Statists.