June 26th, 2008

eyes black and white

Wishing For Peace (dream)

In another dream on that same night, I imagined my sister sighing and wishing that every one would be pacific. I replied to her that wishing it wasn't very useful, especially emitting the wish around other pacific people from whom an obvious approbation is expected. Making the wish as a request to inimical fanatics wouldn't be useful either — yet they are precisely the ones who need to be pacified. Why don't pacifists go to the bad guys to tell them about peace? No, they go tell about it to good guys who resist the bad guys' violence with greater force. What the pacifists oppose is precisely that force that protects them from the aggressors. Yet what would bring peace is not yielding to the aggressors' violence, but precisely increasing the use of force by the defenders of peace to crush those enemies of peace once and for all. The very opposite of what the professed pacifists claim. Professed "pacifists" are enemies of peace, just like "socialists" are enemies of society, and "ecologists" are enemies of nature. Their one-sided sanctification of what they claim to defend is just a trick to avoid rational debate as they seek the political power to impose their superstitions, or rather spread these superstitions to achieve political power.