June 21st, 2008

eyes black and white

The Gladiator (dream)

Gladiator slave. Champion, but wounded. Next season, becomes coach of the team. Team wins the championship, despite many casualties. He becomes famous. Instead of staying in a life of security and relative leasure, he escapes to live free but a fugitive. He goes live on an island. Captured by enslavers who think he's just a strong peasant. At the camp, put to work on the fields. Falls in love. Finds an improvised weapon, kills his enslavers, escapes with the girl. Lives free. Joins a small community of peasants. Has kids. A few years pass. His village in fire. He runs to it. Falls into a trap. Is wounded and subdued before he can put up a fight. The same enslavers found him again. His family is not amongst the prisoners. Were they killed or did they survive? but he doesn't dare ask for details, for fear of unleashing the monsters upon any possible survivor. He'll never know. They take him to their camp. He's going to be publicly maimed and blinded, as an exemplary punishment. A visiting customer learns the story and recognizes the great gladiator. He is bought and brought back to Rome, sold to his former owner. He agrees to train a gladiator team again. Before the final, he wagers with Cesar that if the other team is exterminated without any of his men being wounded, Cesar will pay to free them, and if not, he should die with all of them. Then while his gladiators remain chained and incapable of fighting, he proceeds to slaughter alone the opposite team. He is severely wounded but none of his men is. Cesar won't renege his word, and frees his men, but has him killed for mocking him. He dies, but not in vain - He couldn't stand the idea of anyone under his responsibility to be enslaved or murdered, ever again.