September 12th, 2007

eyes black and white

Conservatism is to Socialism what Stupidity is to Evil

It's never as much fun bashing conservatives as it is bashing socialists (or their mini-me incarnations as social-democrats or liberals as they are called in the USA). Indeed, conservatives are rather openly irrational and anti-rational and have simpler absurdities, whereas socialists hide their irrationality under false claims of rationality, and build intricate network of lies to cover their absurdities. The battle of conservatives against socialists is really the battle of stupidity against evil. The zero against the negative: Whichever side wins, we lose - though admittedly not as much at once. And these two aspects of Statism feed each other.

Nevertheless, it is time for me to tackle the conservative argument, or lack thereof. I'll do my best to do it in the randian tradition of reduction to clarity. If my argument doesn't satisfy you, you can still peruse Hayek's classic Why I am not a Conservative.

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