October 30th, 2006

eyes black and white


I love Yukito Kishiro's japanese comic book series Gunnm (tastelessly published in the US as Battle Angel Alita). It is not just another ultraviolent scifi superfighter story: it is beautifully drawn, it is masterfully told, it has odd black humor, it contains a lot of cultural and scientific references, and it has an actual and deep philosophical and ethical content, that goes to the heart of what being human is.

At the end of Gunnm Last Order, Vol. 2, Kaos, one of the characters from the first series, says:

I finally understand... ...what I never saw before! To speak of dreams... to stir people's hearts... ... to gain their trust... and then let them down! I think I've come to see... ...how grave a sin... ...it is to dream!

And after reaching his patron-to-be Vector, he concludes:

Without a dream in their souls... ...people wither, people die. And without action, a dream grows stagnant. The only way to atone for my sin, my dream... is to make it a reality!

This has such resonance in me. Following the example of Kaos, I commit to raise from my moral slumber, and advance TUNES.