June 23rd, 2006

eyes black and white

Who's Been deZeived?

WBZ promised a free movie after sunset at the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade. June 23rd: A young boy finds the golden wrapper and wins a tour through a magnificent chocolate factory, owned by the world's most unusual candy maker! claimed the trailer. The skies were clear, however the weather had been wet in the afternoon. Therefore worried viewers called the announced WBZ hotline to be told that the movie would be shown Come rain or come shine. And so I was among the few hopeful people who went there and brought food for a nice evening. Now guess what: the sun never shines after sunset. So we were quite disappointed to find that the only eggs to hatch there were the mosquitoes'. That's when I realized the food I had brought was myself, and the actual guests were the midges. I expected to be a diner and a spectator, I was the dinner and the spectacle. WBZ: I want my money back!