December 15th, 2005

eyes black and white


Comics review: Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.

I liked their take on The Punisher. I was unimpressed by many other things they did. But I was wowed by Preacher. Preacher is every I hate, put together in a way I can but love. It's got those usual heaven and hell bromides, turned upside down in an original way. It's got fallen angels and not yet fallen angels. It's got not just serial killers, not just vampires, but the Saint of Killers. It's world-wide plots and universal nay metaphysical conspiracies. It's got God not-so-almighty, and it's got the Duke. It's got lots of graphical violence and gore, once in a while more so than I can withstand. It's got plenty of wild sex and perversion, too, but less so graphically. It's got colorful characters that have some depth, including villains. And it's got twisted stories and slick dialogues. For instance, the über-depraved Jesus de Sade begins As the blessed Oscar put it: there's nothing worse than being talked about... and before he completes with Wilde's except not being talked about, the Preacher retorts ... an' that's doin' two years for buggery. From Texas to NYC to Los Angeles, with a stint in France, an all-american ballad in the land of evil on earth and beyond. Two thumbs up.
Note: 8.5