December 4th, 2005

eyes black and white

Civilization and its Enemies

Absurdists, relativists, multiculturalists, leftists, anti-racists, socialists, etc., like to say that all human civilizations are equal. Well, if they are, either THIS is not civilization at all, or it is quite a dreadful civilization (Cám ơn Kae, Razib). As usual, the actual consequences of the absurdists' utterances is either to decree as civilization what is actually barbarianism, and thus institute the subjection of millions of the (more) civilized to the (relatively) barbarians; or it is to deny their humanity to the barbarians, and lead to the subjection and massacre of millions of innocents because they were born in the wrong families.

One of my favorite self-quotes is:

Racism consists in attributing to genetics what is due to memetics.

By denying the relevance of memetics, by claiming the collective right of populations to preserve their culture that deserves respect by imposing it on their individual members, so-called anti-racists are eminently racists, so-called liberals oppose basic individual liberties, and so-called progressists advocate the most abject regress to barbarianism.

Those who advocate barbarianism are criminals, who should be repressed without mercy. And I don't mean only those who act, but also those who sponsor crime and give instructions. Those who laud barbarianism and help it progress, who breed it with subsidies, who silence the defenders of civilization with censorship, are the complicits of barbaric crimes and the enemies of civilization; they also deserve to be repressed without mercy. And in neither case is this a matter of what family you were born in. It's a matter of individual choice between good and evil.

Civilization is universal. It is for everyone. So is barbarianism. Individual responsible choice of life despite collective oppression is not just the path to progress and civilization; it is progress and civilization. Let each individual choose, and enjoy or suffer the legitimate consequences. And let these consequences be the extirpation of the enemies of civilization.