December 2nd, 2005

eyes black and white


i am french → fine charm (I couldn't have made it up)
i am french → f... chairmen (that's why we hate capitalism in France)

an american → crane mania (this explains New York)
an american → manic arena (so does that)
an american → near maniac (not there yet, but soon enough)
an american → canaan emir (I told you they had views on the middle east!)
an american → narc anemia (that must refer to hollywood starlets)
an american → main arcane (that's why I can never understand them)

francois rene rideau → fine eurasian record (in all modesty)
francois rene rideau → a rare code is funnier (I like uncommon software)
francois rene rideau → recursion fiend area (you have been warned)
francois rene rideau → inferno's aura deicer (in case you wonder why it won't freeze down there)
francois rene rideau → earn fierce dinosaur (enter our time-machine building competition)
francois rene rideau → eurasian core friend (only to a select few)
francois rene rideau → unified reason racer (using reason to go further than others)
francois rene rideau → nerdier caesura info (all you never wanted to know... about silent pauses)