November 22nd, 2005

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Dr Zhivago Faces Another Horde of Barbarians

It seems that they will not be content with the head of Ayaan, they want Omar's too. (They already got Piglet's.) But Hollywood leftists still think they are freedom fighters persecuted by the evil Cowboy. I'll tell you, I prefer Cowboys, and I mourn the soul Hollywood used to have when it promoted such Cowboys as the Duke or Marshal Will Kane.

Maybe some proponents of the Religion of Pieces (pieces of a torso over there....piece of a leg over yonder) can help us answer these five questions?

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Pourquoi nous vaincrons...

Nous vaincrons, parce qu'un parasite ne peut vaincre que par défaut. Cela s'applique d'ailleurs à toute forme de magie noire. Le mal se nourrit de ceux qui refusent de se battre, qui n'ont pas la volonté de se sauver eux-mêmes, et qui, quand ils ne périssent pas, en font périr d'autres à leur place. C'est pourquoi pardonner aux criminels, les subir sans rien dire, tolérer qu'ils s'en prennent à des tiers innocents, est peut-être légitime (en l'absence d'accord de défense mutuelle ou autre engagement à agir), mais assurément immoral.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. (La seule chose nécessaire au triomphe du mal est l'inaction des hommes de bien.) -- Edmund Burke
eyes black and white

Vicious Destroyers of Nature

The worst enemies of nature are the so-called ecologists, who ask for ever more government intervention and totalitarian control to impose their superstitious lunacies. Not only do their pseudo-scientific rants not rest on anything but irrational lies repeated over by a corrupt establishment; their evil ways, when backed by government violence, end up destroying horribly the nature they claim to protect. These people don't know the meaning of a rational argument, and are not willing to do simple arithmetics. Be sure that they will blame civilization and liberty for the result of their policies of de-civilization and oppression, and end up intensifying these policies in a vicious spiral of Evil. No, these destructions are not some perverse effects of the policies they back -- the perverts are these ignorant twits who refuse to acknowledge the previsibly baleful consequences of yielding to their emotional excretions. If destroying nature were a crime, the ecologists should be the first on the death row. (Cám ơn, Kae)

PS: as I've remarked previously, biofuel would probably be much cheaper if the EU didn't massively subsidize the overproduction of useless food (that ends up being stockpiled and ultimately destroyed). Instead, EU not only subsidizes the waste of Europe's agricultural resources, it also subsidizes the destruction of Asian forest, and the annihilation of African agriculture. If destroying nature were a crime, EUrocrats should be right next after the ecologists against the wall.