November 14th, 2005

eyes black and white

Stephen Chow goodness

In those weeks without posting, I've accumulated a huge backlog. I'll start pouring the overspill with some movies seen this year...

The Monkey King

An early Stephen Chow movie, loosely based on the legend of the Monkey King: the Monkey King, a trickster god, is ordered by the Celestial Emperor to atone by accompanying a buddhist monk on his quest to India. The Monkey King does his best to evade his fate, in a two-episode epic with many characters and a complex plot meant for a chinese public. Lots of cheap special effects and vulgar chinese humor, for a result too artificial for a westerner. Still somewhat enjoyable, though. And we already get to see Stephen Chow in his forever role: the trickster superhero who is turned good in the end by higher forces.
Note: 4.5

Kung Fu Hustle.

Zoom to quite a few years later, and give Stephen Chow access to computer generated special effects. You get this great fun movie, with rhythm and martial arts. It doesn't have to make too much sense -- it will just to exhilarate you. And so far, so good. I still prefer the unpredictable God of Cookery: A great story beats special effects any day. But hey, the Hustle was pretty good already!
Note: 7.0