July 15th, 2005

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Polyphasic Sleep, Lucid Dreaming, Critical Thought, Thought Loops

Last month, I was thinking a lot about polyphasic sleep schedules. I didn't manage to discipline myself in such a schedule yet, and my feeble attempts only combined with procrastination into reducing my sleep time, to my ultimate psychological downfall. A more reasonable target will be to shoot for simple biphasic sleep, with a regular nap in the afternoon after a regular lunch: when at ENS, I met someone who did quite well this way, which is also the way it was done for all children in my kindergarten. When I manage that, it will be time to add more naps and do less sleep.

However, short sleep schedules have the power to bring more lucid dreaming. And with my reading about lucid dreaming, and my recurring disappointment since I was a kid at not being able to take notes in my dreams that I could leave to my waking self, I had this most interesting meta lucid dream.

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eyes black and white

Piqûre de rappel

La démocratie, c'est quand la majorité des représentants a tout pouvoir pour disposer de la vie de quiconque au nom du bien commun. Le libéralisme, c'est quand même des ordures totalitaires ont le droit de s'exprimer librement, tant qu'ils ne sont coupables ou complices d'aucun crime. Le procès de Socrate (possiblement une ordure, à juger par les dits et actes de ses disciples fascistes Platon et Alcibiade) nous indique qu'Athènes était bien une démocratie, et pas une société libre.