June 26th, 2005

eyes black and white

Miyazaki's Moving Movie

I can but recommend the beautiful animation movie Howl's moving castle, by Hayao Miyazaki's studio Ghibli, based on a story by Diana Wynne Jones, which I recently had the pleasure to see. The movie tells of individuals striving to live for their own purpose, against collectivist calls to sacrifice for the sake of others. It is about learning to be free despite the curses cast by meddling aggressors who want to impose their will by force, most prominently including the government. It is about the power to create, versus the power to destroy. It is about genuine love, as opposed to cheap plastic imitations thereof.

A great libertarian movie.

eyes black and white

Ray Harryhausen in Montreal on July 24th

My friend Tamu is organizing a special screening of Jason and the Argonauts in presence of Ray Harryhausen on July 24th in Montreal (not 23rd, not 25th), I unhappily won't be able to attend (I wish I could), but I thought some of you might appreciate, especially since you might be around Montreal at said date for Fantasia. I think Tamu clearly underpriced the session, at a 9 measly canadian dollars. Maybe she'll make up the difference selling beers and cheesecakes. Flock in and have fun!