June 18th, 2005

eyes black and white


Gustavo's rant summarizes why universities are obsolete. But were they ever up-to-date? Steve Jobs suggests they never were. Paul Graham tries to tell how to make the most out of college, but ends up telling how to make the most, out of college.

Universities are loci of anti-asian racism, brainwashing by leftist loonies, and ignoble evil-worship. From Plato to catholic theology to communist worship to islamofascist propaganda, academia has always been the premier tool to promote totalitarianism through the annihilation of reason, or at least its subjection to unlimited Political Power.

I'm not sure whether Universities can be replaced completely by online solutions, but if they can't, it's more than time for some Hercules to clean these Augean Stables. The one and only necessary and sufficient measure: withdraw any interference by political power in education.