May 22nd, 2005

eyes black and white

A woman stands up straight

My friend Turion compared Ayaan Hirsi Ali to Ayn Rand (in French). Well, Ayn Rand certainly had a much more articulated philosophy, but let's admit Ayaan has a comparably tremendous courage in standing up for liberty. This reminds me of the following poem that I recently wrote in reply to a challenge to compose poetry at once, right after a discussion on Ayn Rand:

Proud, as the world crumbled
Alone she dared to raise
And when others mumbled
She called the Evil's ways

Update 1: Partial translation to English of the Ayaan Hirsi Ali interview mentioned by Turion (Cám ơn, LGF).

Update 2: An audio interview of AHA by the BBC (Cám ơn, LGF).