December 17th, 2004

eyes black and white

Travels in 2005

Places I am committed to visiting in 2005:
  • Sometime in January: the south of France. I have friends and family there. During the transition between two jobs, it's a great opportunity to go there. If I go by car, depending on my January schedule, I'll probably stop at Lyon.
  • In April 1-3 2005, I am scheduled to go to Sofia, in Bulgaria, so as to speak before the Libertarian International Spring 2005 Conference.
  • In July 10-15 2005, I would very much like to go to St Petersburg for the ISIL Conference.
Places I am planning to visit in 2005, without confirmation:
  • Maybe in January, New York. I might have an interview in the east coast in January, and if so I'll definitely stop at NYC, because I know I need unique New York.
  • Amsterdam. If I do that New York trip, I'll definitely stop over at Amsterdam to meet friends. Even if I don't, I might go to the Chaos Computing Camp this summer if it happens in Holland as was decided, and the dates don't conflict with the ISIL conference.
  • West Germany. On my way out of Luxembourg, why not tour a bit in the area?
  • Switzerland. I might get a job there. Or I might just visit during the Libertarian Week-end of Pro Libertate.
  • If I can afford it (money and time), I'd like to go to Asia (Japan? India? Vietnam?). But since I don't even know where I'll be working and living, this is probably more of 2006 travelling.
  • Who knows where else I can get myself to?
So, if you're in any of these places, or intend to be at the same time as I, why not meet?