December 3rd, 2004

eyes black and white

San Francisco

The slogan goes that Frisco is Everyone's favorite city. Well, the city certainly has arguments: consider the beautiful and varied architecture, the fair climate even in december, the impressive bridges across the bay, the hilly streets climbed by cable cars, and great parks. If you have a car, leave it for the day at one of these $20 places, and use municipal transportation, bicycle, or foot, to fully appreciate the beautiful architecture. You can skip pier 39 except for its sea lions, and go directly to the Coit Erection. SFMOMA is a bit disappointing, mixing some real good stuff in a lot of bad joke of leftist pseudo-art, in a building that looks large, but ends up being relatively small in terms of usable exposition space. The Yerba Buena Center for Arts is a puke-inducing piece of tax-funded limousine liberal bad conscience, where deadly force as such is praised as resistance when used by collectivist terrorists, and dissed as violence when used by american soldiers. Talk about stinking double standards. In leftist bookshops, psychopathic mass-killers like Che Guevara are praised. Meanwhile, the Goddess of Democracy (for what she's worth) illuminates Chinatown, and Benjamin Franklin stands high up in Washington Square. Oh, and while around beautiful Union Square, don't forget to pay a visit to the antique shop in that FLLW building in Maiden Lane. I made several interesting encounters while in SF. Definitely a place I will love to return to.