September 30th, 2004

eyes black and white


My oh my! Couldn't they pick a better name than CLRFI? I mean, if they are to pay homage to SRFI, they had better emulate the spirit of this cool acronym, instead of its letter that gets bland when out-of-context. CLRCT, for Common Lisp Request for Common Terms, or something like that, would be more appropriate acknowledgement of the aforementioned inspiration.

Yeah, sure, I'd better be contributing running software than silly advice. But I'm reminded of these theories about why manufacturers of thriving industries have to use cool marketing gimmicks to differentiate their products: because the base product is standardized enough and the quality well-encoded enough in the price system so that marketing is all that's left to convince potential customers that your product is indeed better. Well, CL is far behind in marketing and the only consolation to lispers will be that this is because the market of programming languages in general is in a real sorry state. Of course, that's an opportunity.

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