September 19th, 2004

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Thank The Internet For The Music

Quite some time ago, I had written a note in my TODO list to somehow identify the violin melody played in the movie The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes by Billy Wilder. I was going to bleg for it, but I surfed around IMDb first, and if I am to trust it, the answer might very well be the Violin Concerto by Miklós Rózsa. Guess what I (and maybe some of my readers?) will soon be trying to order on-line? So, who claims the Internet was going to reduce purchase of music? Maybe it reduces a bit purchase of crap music by superstars; but they are already zillionaires and need it even less than they deserve it. However, for the rest of the authors, it's a boon -- they get known better when they otherwise wouldn't be as well known.