August 5th, 2004

eyes black and white

I, Robot

By way of DF on an evopsy mailing-list, this review by Matt Nuenke of The Robot's Rebellion. While I feel totally in synch with the author of the review, I particularly like the part about The four interrelated biases I have discussed in detail elsewhere. Makes me want to read more. Now, my reading list is quite long already, and reading is not on top of my todo list either. Sigh.

Of course, while the image of a "rebellion" is meant as a way to indicate that we go against (some) innate or induced tendencies, let it be reminded that at a deeper level, "our" genes and memes "want" us to rebel against counter-productive remnants of our ontogeny/phylogeny, so as to more efficiently spread them -- we have been selected for our capacity of overcoming the limitations of mere animality.

PS: Matt's NeoEugenics site prominently links to, which reminds me of extropians, except that it's focused on rationally surveyed evolution rather than a technological revolution to enhance the human race.