July 31st, 2004

eyes black and white

Primary Target

So as to defend against Evil, it is necessary, foremost, to be able to recognize good from evil. Just like in any war, it is necessary first of all to be able to distinguish friend and foe. In a domain as abstract as Law, this implies being able to manipulate abstract concepts, examine justifications and consequences, and reach moral statements. And this is why the first target of the servants of Evil is men's ability of abstract reasoning. Everything is true, everything is false, they go, nothing is worth more than anything else. Nothing is really truer, nothing is really better. Everything is a matter of feeling, everything is a social construct. Such are the precepts told by the priests of Evil. And what should this social construct consist in? Well, once reason has been evicted from it, the only means available to replace it is clear: sheer brute force. And who is to hold the big stick? An Establishment, under any palatable name, or even without a name that could help focus attention against it, will develop to ensure that dissident opinions will be contained. And those very priests of Evil who explain to you that no opinions are worth better than any other opinions, will be very active at becoming and remaining the ones who establish the orthodox opinions backed up by force, through forcefully levied taxes, censorship, government-controlled education, subsidized media, tax-funded "associations", etc.