December 15th, 2003

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End-seller license

Information protectionists and other corporate fascist try to sell us software, goods or services under the terms of shrinkwrap licences they unilaterally define, and that they claim to bind you by your merely opening the package. Well, as a reply to such juridic abuse, I hereby introduce a solution to all these problems. Indeed, I have no less right than these fascists to impose unilateral terms that apply to people who want to do business with me. So I hereby solemnly declare that anyone who undertakes to have any business whatsoever with me is bound by the terms of following contract, therefrom known as the end-seller license.

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eyes black and white

We got him

In case you missed the news or rather its coverable by sensible people, We Got Him! Great news. See what Glenn Reynolds says. Pictures at 11! And of course, the happiest people about it are the Iraqis. Check what THEY say (also here and all over the blogosphere).

One national socialist dictator down the drain. When will they come and garbage collect the rest of them? From Cuba to Zimbabwe through North Korea and Palestine, there are a lot of them...

Additional links: Hussein Exposed, By Jim Hoagland via Citizen Smash; Defiant? He's a Ba'athist who won't bath, by Mark Steyn via Ase.