October 4th, 2003

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Real Gun Control

Since the Dissident Frogman recently cited him, I think it is the perfect time to point to Eric S. Raymond's blog. ESR is one of the two libertarians with whom I've had a year-long mail-based discussion about guns, back in the days before he's been busy being a famous open-source advocate (you may also see my replies to some of his essays) and back when young brainwashed I sheepishly agreed with french governmental gun control laws.

Well, nowadays, I'm proud to say I'm as strong a proponent of gun control as can be found: but since I'm no more oblivious of the Law of Eristic Escalation, I now know that that means guns under the control of the people, not under the pseudo-"control" of politicians (what a silly anerism!). So, let's repeal governmental prohibitions, regulations, etc., and return the guns to those who will make good use of them, that is, honest law-abiding citizens, instead of leaving them to the legal and illegal mobsters who currently hoard them.