August 28th, 2003

eyes black and white

Hollow C... Notion

The Democrats cry, "The emperor should subsidize the poor!", Republicans argue, "No, the emperor should subsidize the rich!", Libertarians respond, "The emperor wears no clothes", while Terra Librans ask, "Why do they call that naked man emperor?"

Googling my way and chasing links to find stuff related to my article on Government and Black Magic, I had already discovered this excellent article on the Nature of Government by Frederick Mann (well, actually, I had found an older version on the site of the APFN -- see my post below about the hallowcinotion that is government). Well, it's only one in a vast body of interesting documents from Terra Libra (the homepage of which I located thanks to the links from libertocracy). There seems to be a gold-mine of documents to Clear Your Mind from the statist pollution. As for the quote above, it's from an article named the Terra Libra Shift. Another site I found along the way is Revolution, ammo for freedom fighters, but I much prefer the name of the site Build Freedom -- because it makes it obvious that Liberty is a paradigm of creation and harmony, whereas talking about fight is already buying into the paradigm of destruction and conflict of the enslavers.