August 10th, 2003

eyes black and white

Information Overload

So many things to say, so little time to blog. I think the bilingual constraint is overkill for me, and I'd rather do most everything in just one language: the overhead of blogging is high enough and doesn't need be tripled by the need to translate everything. I have had so many libertarian ideas to share, computer science ideas to expose, etc. -- I will have to reserve time to do that in my schedule.

I'm currently near Berlin at the Chaos Communication Camp 2003, demonstrating my Lisp Machine in the Hack Center under the DS-GROK-LC flag. It's rare enough being able to see that many diverse rational people at the same place that such an opportunity to feel both commonly sane and uncommonly unique shouldn't be neglected; it gives you hope in mankind, really.

A stand here sells "space waffeln" -- THC-enhanced wafers. I had a try.

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